creation 2019

ALPHA is an intense, highly physical and theatrical dance performance that explores acts of domination and submission and a transformation of gender roles. The piece takes place in a parallel universe, in which the biblical narrative of creation has been altered - Eve has never shared the apple with Adam, resulting in a dark, matriarchal existence. The five individuals who carry the story each have a different role and approach to power and freedom. They collide in hope of releasing themselves from oppression, and eventually a rave is manifested, a catharsis, a rare opportunity to regain lost paradise for a brief moment.
ALPHA is inspired by experiences in the techno clubs of Berlin, an inclusive space for the underdogs, in which contrasting concepts such as life and death, darkness and purity, pleasure and pain, coexist.

Concept & choreography: Yotam Peled
Collaborating dancers: Marie Hanna Klemm, Erin O'Reilly, Amie-Blaire Chartier, Luigi Sardone, Iacopo Loliva 
Light design: Rasmus Lauvring
Costume design: Grzegorz Matląg / Wsiura
Dramaturgic assistance: Valentin Braun
Communication & tour management: Valeria Cosi, Laia Montoya 
Set, props & soundtrack design: Yotam Peled
Music by: Yotam Peled, øjeRum, Istrefi
Graphic Design: Matthias Neumann

ALPHA is co-produced by TRAUMABARUNDKINO, and supported by the Choreographic Center of Heidelberg. The project was selected to TalentLAB#19, Grand Theatre of Luxembourg for a creative residency mentored by renowned choreographer Hofesh Shechter.