Boys Don't Cry >>
creation 2017

a dance-theater piece that reflects upon the transition from Israel to Berlin, from conservative to liberal. It is a self portrait, an attempt to capture a transformation in a perception of masculinity - from army days to night clubs.


Choreography, Performance: Yotam Peled

Music: People skills

Video: Barak Rotem

Let me In​ festival in Berlin (August 2017)
Solocoreografico​ festival in Torino and Frankfurt (January 2018)
SoloDuo​ festival in Cologne (May 2018)
AltoFest​ in Naples (July 2018)
tanzSpeicher​ ​Würzburg (October 2018) - Jury’s 3rd prize
Masdanza ​in the Canary Islands (October 2018) - Jury’s special mention award
Corpo-mobile f​estival in Rome (April 2019) - Best dancer and Corpo Mobile residency prize.
Instinct Berlin​ (April 2019)
EXPLOSIVE Bremen (May 2019)

Club Zak in Gdansk (June 2019)
GIENNALE in Giessen (June 2019)
Dansmakers Amsterdam (January 2020)

Dans in Ontwikkeling Schiedem (February 2020)

THEATERNATUR Harz (August 2020)

the Genderhouse Festival Aarhus (September 2021)

supported by STEP travel grant