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creation 2018

A story of two bodies, jumping between memories and unexplored fantasies. They go through an almost-mechanical repetition of rituals in attempt to feel, to recapture something that was lost, to (ap)prove their choice in each-other.Their fear of loneliness brings them together, their fear of commitment brings them apart. Home.Alone is a reflection of a generation lost between ideas of old romanticism and postmodern nihilist culture, born into a world of couples, families, a world fearing loneliness, where one can be one only if he finds another.

Concept, Text, Choreography: Yotam Peled

Curation & Dramaturgic assistance: Lee Meir

Performers: Myriel Welling, Yotam Peled

Music: The Ronettes, Deru

Video: Teo Vlad

Supported by the department of culture in the Israeli embassy in Berlin. Created within the platform "NAH DRAN" / Ada Studio / Ufer Studios, Berlin