the Tragedy of the Tiger Beetle >>

The Tiger beetle can run at a speed of 9 km per hour, covering 120 of its body lengths in a single second. For comparison, Usain Bolt covers just 5 body lengths per second. To match the beetle, he’d have to run at 770 km per hour. The beetles use this incredible speed to run down both prey and mates. But as they sprint, their environment becomes a blur because their eyes simply can’t gather enough light to form an image.To compensate, the beetle has to stop to spot its prey again, before resuming the chase.

Sir Francis Bacon once claimed that knowledge is power ("scientia potentia est")
Is that so?

we explore a human who is
lost in masses of information
on the edge of a breakdown
dreaming of disconnection

By playing with the fine line between the comic and the tragic, this highly physical theater-dance performance suggests a grotesque universe where the value of life and death is lost in numbers.

Duration: 45 minutes

Created for and by the dancers of Skopje Dance Theater

creation 2019