Throughout the past 10 years, inspired by his background in circus, martial arts and contemporary dance, Yotam has been developing an approach to movement and creation which brings together high risk and physicality, efficiency and release of energy, and sensitive performance. As a teacher he is interested in creating a space for transformation for the participants, in which both pushing boundaries and embracing restrictions can coexist. 

His main interest is in deconstructing the body from its known human biomechanics and patterns, by isolating body parts and surfaces, moving in challenging directions, and exploring unconventional patterns inspired by textures and poetic images. Yotam's workshops are an exploration of the virtuosity of the body and the potential to take risks through testing different forms of mobility. 

The sessions focus on expanding our technical skills, learning to approach the floor with ease, and travel the space through the release of energy and effective dynamics. Through improvisation and sequences we practice the mobility of our spine, softening and articulating, guiding and following different body parts.

By breaking our movement patterns and habits, we aim to reach a more total physicality and discover new, complex ways of devouring the space. In the course of the practice we learn and practice different acrobatic drills, maneuvers and phrases, with a sustainable approach that suits both beginners and professionals, as well as repertoire from Yotam's creations which integrates floor acrobatics in fluid movement. 

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